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I’m not crazy, it’s just research. Really.

When people ask me what kind of books I write, I don’t say literary fiction or women’s fiction, I usually say “book club books.”    Because all of my books have some darkness and controversy, and I’ve visited enough book clubs (several hundred) to know that books clubs love to a) drink and 2) argue over controversial stuff in the book.  

People are always surprised when they meet me because of this – “Oh, you’re funny! You’re normal! “   “You’re not batpoop crazy like the protagonist in ONE MORE DAY!”

I know, it’s disappointing.  I have written a book about a woman whose son is kidnapped and returned and taken again.  A woman who is possibly deranged, and seeing ghosts, and maybe a criminal.

Unless you count my skill with a Ouija board, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ghost.  And other than that juvenile delinquent I dated in high school, I don’t know anything about crime.

So yes.  A sunny fun-loving person writing about the darkest edges of marriage, family, and community. 

Go figure.

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onemoredayPublisher: Sourcebooks Landmark (February 2, 2016)
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
ISBN-10: 1492618640
ISBN-13: 978-1492618645
ASIN: B0169AK27A
Pre-Order: Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound, The Book Depository


Don't look away

No one wants to be the mother whose child disappears. It's unthinkable, the stuff of nightmares. But when she turns her back to pay a parking meter, Carrie Morgan becomes that mother. Ben is gone, and more than a year later, it's clear that he is never coming back.

Until he does…for just twenty-four hours, before once again vanishing from his crib without a trace. Rumors start to circulate through Carrie's small town. Whispers that she's seeing things. That her alibi doesn't quite add up.

Her husband and friends start to think she's crazy. The police start to think she's guilty. As the investigation heats up, Carrie must decide what to share, and why. Because the crime is about to be solved… and her secret revealed.

post-divider rightkellyKelly is a former journalist (see, I understand) and creative advertising director who started writing fiction over fifteen years ago, while studying creative writing and screenwriting at Temple University and University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her critically acclaimed novels {STANDING STILL, THE BIRD HOUSE and ONE MORE DAY} she is developing a TV series and has been writing a memoir for what seems like her entire life.


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