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Engineering a Love Scene with Sally Orr

Let’s discuss love scenes.

Love scenes have distinct parts and can come in many flavors. They can be passionate, tender, joyful, needy, sad, or a variety of other emotions. Just about any emotion can drive a sex scene. Most romance novels have a hot love scene, either with the door open or closed. These moments are usually rushed, because the attraction between the characters has been building and building from the beginning of the book. However, sometimes the author builds a variety of emotions into the lovemaking scene. The aspect of a love scene that has the greatest flexibility for a writer is foreplay. Here the fog of passion has not consumed the couple and they remain very much in character and in control. As a result, foreplay actions are true to their characters, so they can be written with more variety of behaviors, like being playful, teasing, silly, etc.  A poet may speak or act in terms of romanticism, a wordsmith may wax lyrical, a chef may carefully use their hands in a certain order, a jockey might . . . okay, let’s not think about that one. 

In the third and last book of The Rake’s Handbook series, the hero, George Drexel of To Catch a Rake, is a jaded rake weary of the tomfool lifestyle led by young gentlemen about London town. He struggles with the unwanted notoriety gained years ago from writing the fictional “field guide” section of The Rake’s Handbook. Now he yearns to build great structures he will be remembered by forever. He attempts to escape his past by designing bridges and burying himself in his engineering duties on the greatest accomplishment of the Regency era, the Thames Tunnel.

So what defines an engineer in a sex scene? As a rake, George is certainly an expert in foreplay and would normally seduce some attractive widow within the quarter chimes of the hall clock, using successful phrases learned from years of experience. Now, however, he is finished with that part of his life. In the first sex scene in To Catch A Rake, the emotions that enter the bedroom are about celebration. George and the widow, Meta, have previous sexual experience, so does his new profession of engineering enter the bedroom too?

You see, the secret to making love with a woman requires many traits unique to engineers.” His wholly wicked smile appeared on a countenance quite pleased with itself. “There are steps to consider for maximum satisfaction. It’s like building a bridge; first you must find the right site. In this case,”—he locked the door—“the site needs to be secured.

Happy and excited, George quickly becomes rambling and lost in his engineering analogy.

Any engineer worth his salt knows the nature of these curves. The question is”—he traced the curve of her breast again from the bottom to the top—“the forces involved. What we have here is the force of a downward weight seemingly without support.

                “Do you play the inquiring engineer with other ladies?”

                He huffed. “Not when young, because I lacked the discipline to collect the relevant . . . data. In other words, analysis required a presence of mind that I frequently lacked for two obvious reasons.”

“You are a wicked man.”

Will George ever shut up?

You are a lady of some mechanical talent. But you are getting ahead of the force analysis.” A long kiss followed. “So let’s examine the problem. On a normal gown, the downward force of weight is countered by an upward force of cloth just about here.” He proceeded to lick and kiss her thoroughly just under her neck.

Thankfully, the heroine, Meta, takes charge.

His sentences became too long, her need too great, she wanted him now. “Please, stop talking.”

Do you think George followed her advice and stopped talking?

Happy reading.

Sally Orr

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catchrakeSeries: The Rake's Handbook (Book 3)
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 2, 2016)
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN-10: 1492630039
ISBN-13: 978-1492630036
Buy: Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound, The Book Depository


No Good Rake Goes Unpunished

When George Drexel used his vast experience with women to write and publish The Rake's Handbook: Including Field Guide, little did he realize the havoc it would cause. Now years later, the rumor of a second edition has London's naughtiest widows pounding on his door, begging to be included. But George has given up his roguish ways and wants nothing more than to be left alone with his architectural pursuits…until beautiful Meta Russell tempts him from his work and leaves him contemplating an altogether different sort of plan.

The handbook may be years out of print, but it still has the power to ruin lives. Desperate to save her sister-whose inclusion has left her jilted-Meta tracks down the rake responsible, only to find a man who steals her breath and leaves her reeling. Banding together to put things to rights, George and Meta find themselves drawn inexorably together…but can Meta truly trust her heart to a man who wrote the book on being a rake?

post-divider rightsallyI'm a retired scientist who worked for over thirty years in the fields of molecular biology and immunology. Several years ago, I joined an English message board where I posted many, many examples of absolute tomfoolery. As a result, a cyber-friend challenged me to write a novel. Since I'm a hopeless Anglophile, it's not surprising that my first book is a Regency-era romance. When I'm not writing, I'm a total gear-head. I live with my husband in San Diego, surrounded by too many books and not enough old English cars.

My motto is from my local sports car club: “Life is not around the curve. Life is the curve.”

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  1. Linda Romer says:

    What makes a rake so irresistible is his gallant, strong, desirable personality. Thank you 

  2. A rake is unpredictable, charming and charismatic and who can resist those attributes.

  3. He is very strong, good looking, knows how to charm you.

  4. He is very strong, good looking, and knows how to charm you.

  5. His confidence. He's a goodlooking rake and knows it and all that wonderful experience he brings. 🙂

    Carol L


  6. His charm and confidence is irresistible.

  7. candy briggs says:

    no one can catch him. Actually you have to feel sorry for him. He has no permance in his life.

  8. Charm, confidence and charisma make a rake irresistible.

  9. It seems charm is the winner here.

    Who doesn't like to be on the receiving end of charm? 

    Happy reading!

  10. Laurie Gommermann says:

    We are drawn to things and people which or whom are hard to get. We want to tame the beast!

    They make the best husbands as they know how to please a  woman!

  11. his charm and wit

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