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My name is David Burnsworth. I write the Brack Pelton mystery series set in Charleston, South Carolina. In my forty-three years, I’ve learned a few things. Most of them the hard way. But the most recent epiphany is sometimes a change is needed just to keep going.

I learned this while in a writing slump. Writer’s block is not something I believe in. The term in and of itself is restrictive. I’m a fan of Captain Kirk of the Star Trek series. When things got in his way, he changed the rules. So, I’ve changed the terminology. I call it writer’s slump. This occurs when I’m sitting at my desk in my makeshift office at home looking out the window, or at my now ancient CD collection, or at the latest Car and Driver magazine, and I need to be putting words on the screen. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that they just aren’t being forthcoming. I love writing, plotting, developing my characters. But sometimes my muse is elsewhere.

By definition, or at least my American Heritage Dictionary, a muse, among other things, is a source of inspiration. And she can also be a real pain in the keester sometimes. So, I’m learning how to adapt to her (and my) attention deficit disorder—I make some changes. If my office is too distracting, I move to a spare bedroom. If sitting in a chair at my desk isn’t channeling prose, I sit up in bed and type. In the past, I’ve even gone so far as to relocate to my local Barnes and Noble to get some words down. Trust me when I say this, it works. At least for me.

I like challenging myself to keep sharp. Some writers like to only write in one point of view, or only in first or third person. I recently switched from first person to third and find I enjoy writing in it more. It was a challenge at first because I had written several books in first person, but when my personal editor suggested the change, I accepted the test and found it rewarding. Now I’m not sure I want to go back to first person. But I probably will if for no other reason than to not lose the skill craft.

Another challenge has been to start a new series, which I’m hoping readers will get to see in the next year or so. Along with the change in point of view came new characters. I love the characters in my Brack Pelton series and will not abandon them, but I know in order to grow as a writer, I need to stretch myself some more. This change has brought with it both agony and victory. Agony in that the blank screen was really blank, not just that I wasn’t sure where Brack was taking me because I couldn’t rely on him any more. Victory in that a new cast appeared and now I’m on a new adventure.

As the saying goes, the only constants in life are death and taxes. That means everything is fair game for change—whether we want it or not. Breaking paradigms for myself before they were broken for me has really helped me handle the unpredictable changes. Ten years ago, I hated speaking in front of people. Now, I find it is something I enjoy doing which is a good thing because as a published author, public speaking helps with promotion. Another change is learning to say no, and not giving a reason. There are enough stressors in life without having to commit to something I really don’t want to do in the first place.

Writing in and of itself is challenging. I learned early on that I needed to be able to write in various locations and situations if I was going to finish books. I love my office, but as I said earlier, it can also be a distraction. Because I had written in hotel lobbies when my wife and I were on vacation and coffee shops and bookstores, location became a lesser variable in the equation that makes up my muse. And with that realization, I learned I have a tool to counteract the writing slump demons that sometimes show up and want to party. Change for the sake of change has helped me time and time again.

Except for the latest version of Microsoft Word—not a big fan of that change. I still prefer the 2003 version. Call me old-fashioned.

post-divider rightburningPublisher: Five Star Publishing (January 20, 2016)
Series:  Brack Pelton, Book 2
Genre: Southern Noir
ISBN-10: 1432831119
ISBN-13: 978-1432831110
Buy: Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound, The Book Depository


As darkness blankets the holy city of Charleston, South Carolina, Brack Pelton, an Afghanistan War veteran, steps out of a rundown bar after a long night. Before he gets to his truck, he finds himself in the middle of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman on the sidewalk. When a little girl joins the couple and gets hit by the man, Brack intervenes and takes him down. But the abuser isn’t finished. He pulls a gun and shoots the woman. Brack saves the little girl, but his world has just been rocked. Again.

The next day, while sitting on a barstool in the Pirate’s Cove on the Isle of Palms, his own bar, Brack scans the local paper. The news headline reads: Burned Body of Unidentified Hispanic Man Found at Construction Site. Nothing about a dead woman in the poor section of town. Brack feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around to see an eight-year-old girl standing behind him. She’s the little girl he rescued the night before, and she wants him to look into her sister’s shooting.

Violence and danger make up Brack’s not-too-distant past. Part of him craves it–needs it. And that part has just been fed. Things are about to heat up again in the lowcountry. May God have mercy on the souls who get in the way.

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davidDavid Burnsworth became fascinated with the Deep South at a young age. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and fifteen years in the corporate world, he made the decision to write a novel. Southern Heat is his first mystery. Having lived in Charleston on Sullivan’s Island for five years, the setting was a foregone conclusion. He and his wife along with their dog call South Carolina home.


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  3. Really like the sound of this book. Definitely adding to my TBR list.

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  6. Pat Walker Pinkston says:

    I enjoyed the interview and book description. 

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    I think I would like to read this.

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