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Tips to Help You Avoid the Rejection Blues

So, you’ve written this amazing debut novel. You’ve let your friends read it. Your co-workers inform you it’s the best book they’ve read thus far. You know for a fact what you’ve written is so solid that there’s no way it could ever be rejected.

You submit it to various publishing houses that publish authors who pen similar work. You’ve done all your research so you’re certain what you’ve submitted will indeed go in the right hands. You wait. And you wait…and wait. You wait for what seems like forever because you have so much faith in your work. There’s no doubt in your mind that it’s so stellar and unique, it belongs on the New York Times Bestseller list.

And just when it seems you can wait no longer, the long-awaited email/letter you’ve anticipated has arrived. You take a deep breath and cross your fingers, hoping for the best, only to open it and discover that novel you spent hours upon hours working on, has been rejected.

You stare at the words, hoping it’s all a dream and when you wake up you’ll receive the news you’ve waited so long for. But after a few moments, reality sets in and you realize you must accept what you once thought would be impossible.

Does this scenario sound familiar? I’ve been there and so have countless other writers who never fathomed their work would be rejected.

When I wrote my first novel, I submitted the first few chapters to both indie and major publishing houses that were in search of new talent. I had already released a few books independently, but had high hopes a publisher could take me to the next level. I figured at least one had to find my characters relatable and want to publish the novel immediately. I did receive interest from one publisher but after I submitted the entire novel, they were no longer interested.

I was crushed. All those long hours I’d spent typing away at my keyboard, when I should’ve been studying for an exam, seemed to be a waste of time. I lost faith in my talent and began to believe if a publisher wasn’t interested in my work, why would anyone else be? But thank God I finally decided to focus on other things. I pushed that novel to the side and dived into other projects. And I’m glad I did because even though I don’t have a major publishing house behind me, I still have seen success as an indie writer. The second volume of my erotic series, Silk, debuted on the Amazon Top 100 list for erotica and my eBook, Splash, debuted at No. 1. And I believe there’s so much more success to come.

I say all this to prove that sometimes rejection can be the biggest blessing. Maybe you fit into your own lane and that major publishing house truly isn’t the right home for your beloved work.

Here’s tip number one that may help you in dealing with rejection: No matter what happens after you’ve submitted your work, know that what you’ve written is your absolute best. I struggled with this after the rejection of my book. I figured maybe what I’d written simply wasn’t good enough. I came to the assumption that I’d need to tone down the content and go through a ton of rewrites before it’d ever be good enough for a publisher to take a chance on it.

Which leads me to tip number two: Don’t allow this rejection hold you back from sharing your work with the world. That novel I submitted still hasn’t seen the light of day, but after I got over the rejection, I moved on and continued writing. You can’t ever stop! Let’s say that book you submitted really wasn’t Pulitzer worthy. So what? Should you let that stop you from penning a book that could someday be? Heck no! You must keep pushing if you want to see success with anything in life.

I’m positive you’ve heard of that famous quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It really wasn’t. And the book publishing process, if done correctly, won’t happen in a day either. So what if your dream publishing house decided to pass by your work. Try another…and another. Sometimes, it takes a million noes to get that one yes that could change your life!

You could even try self-publishing. Create your own imprint or publishing house. All of my work has been self-published and I find it to be quite rewarding. It’s a lot more work because you’re in control of everything, but isn’t it pretty cool to say you call all the shots?

Don’t become so hung up on rejection. This is universal for anything you might be going through. A mere setback should never hold you back from pursuing your dreams! Push on and don’t stop until all that success you envision actually becomes reality!

Series: Silk
Publisher: Daryl-Jarod Entertainment (February 14, 2017)
Genre: Erotica
ISBN-10: 1945748001
ISBN-13: 978-1945748004
Buy: Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound, The Book Depository


From the vivid imagination of Daryl-Jarod, comes the long-awaited collection of the Amazon Best-Selling erotic series, Silk. Included are all 24 original jaw-dropping erotic stories, along with the brand-new tale, Pink Fortress, which reveals just how outrageously wild things become when an Uber driver falls for a sultry passenger. Sit back, relax, grab a lover and unwind, as Daryl-Jarod takes you on a wild erotic ride filled with unfaithful lovers, lustful thrills and the truly astounding power of romance and love. Caution! Erotica just got hotter!





Daryl-Jarod is an Amazon best-selling author, recording artist, and actor. Born and raised in Hopkins, South Carolina, he always had big dreams of pursuing a career in entertainment.

As a child he’d write short stories and songs, which later aided him in transitioning into the talented storyteller he is today. His writing career all began with a short poem he composed in third grade entitled, “My Teacher is Neat”, which was selected to be featured in a publication of poems from talented students throughout the state. The encouragement of his mother, teachers, and peers, pushed him to continue writing.

Years later, he is now the author of Silk, an acclaimed erotic series that debuted atop of Amazon’s Best-Seller Erotica charts. With many more book releases in the works, he has also displayed his skills as a singer-songwriter and rapper on his debut mixtape, “The Liberation of Daryl-Jarod”. Despite consistently maintaining a busy schedule, he always kept his acting goals in sight as he graduated from Coker College with a BA in Theatre Performance.

Daryl-Jarod is hard at work on various new literary projects and his upcoming EP.

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