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My favorite character from Lord of Lies is definitely Portia Chadwick, the feisty heroine. Although it was also great fun to write the villain, Mason Hale, and the hero, Dell Turner, whose calculated focus is a perfect foil for Portia’s impetuous nature, it is our heroine who made the story for me.

She is young, irreverent, fiercely loyal, and extremely determined to live life by her own rules. In a society where young ladies are expected to follow a very narrow path to a future as a gentleman’s wife, Portia is a rebel and an oddity. Finding no enjoyment in a society that would dictate every aspect of her behavior, she rejects the limitations placed upon her and seeks instead to create a life of adventure, excitement, and most importantly of all, purpose.

When her sister is abducted by a desperate moneylender, Portia finds purpose thrust upon her. She cannot and will not sit idly by to wait for someone else to take action. Her nature simply won’t allow it. And when she insinuates herself into the search for her sister and the follow-up investigation, she finds she has a knack for intrigue and subterfuge. The new world she’s stepped into is extremely dangerous and takes her through experiences far beyond anything she could ever encounter in high society ballrooms and garden parties. Yet, Portia faces each challenge with courage, intelligence, and sharp intuition.

She is fiercely determined to see things through, no matter how difficult or threatening the situation. Though at times she might be a little too bold and reckless, it is only because she trusts herself and always follows her heart. Brash, impulsive, and perhaps a bit naïve, she prefers to go with her gut, figuring she will deal with any consequences as they come. 

I love her courage and her refusal to consider that she is anything but fully capable of doing whatever she sets her mind to. Portia is not one accept how things are just because that’s how they’ve always been. In her way, she helps her two sisters to claim some of that rebellion for themselves as they each seek to grasp ahold of their own happiness. She also convinces a man who has lived most of his life on the knife-edge of danger and intrigue that he needs her help and that together they can become an unstoppable force.

Series: Fallen Ladies (Book 3) 
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (July 4, 2017)
Genre: Historical
ISBN-10: 1492618780
ISBN-13: 978-1492618782
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"You do strange things to me, Dell Turner. Tell me I am not alone in what I feel." His voice was low and rough. His eyes burned. "You are not alone," he said.

Portia Chadwick knows she'll never have a life of adventure. But when a dangerous moneylender kidnaps her sister, Portia seeks help from a man known only as Nightshade. Soon she finds herself charging headfirst into his world of intrigue and danger―and unexpected passion.

Dell Turner grew up in London's back alleys and gin lanes. Vowing to escape his low beginnings, he hires himself out to society's elite. When he accepts a job from a beautiful young lady, he doesn't anticipate her relentless determination to join his mad occupation…or her unnerving ability to inspire emotions he thought long buried. She's as dangerous to him as his world is to her, and yet Dell can't bring himself to turn Portia away… even if it means risking her life.

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amyAmy's love of romance began one summer when she was thirteen and complained of boredom. She ended up with one of her mother's Barbara Cartland books and an obsessive interest that expanded from there. Her affinity for writing began with sappy pre-teen poems and led to a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities.

She writes in the early mornings while her young kids are still asleep and dreams of a future when she can write all day instead of going to her "other" job. In the evenings, Amy is a full-time wife and mother who enjoys pizza, wine and dark brooding heroes…namely, her husband.

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  1. Oh I love historical romances. It's my guilty pleasure during my "me times." This sounds like a good read. Gotta add it to my TBR list.

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