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Cat Facts

I find cats endlessly fascinating so that probably explains why I also find cat trivia endlessly fascinating. How many of the following feline facts did you know?

*Cats are the most popular pet in North America. (Sorry dog lovers.)

*Tiny barbs down the middle of a cat’s tongue give it the raspy sensation we feel when they lick us.

*Cats spend half their time asleep.

*With a compressible ribcage and floating clavicles cats can squeeze through very small spaces.

*Cats don’t see as wide a range of color as we do—mostly blues and grays—but some researcher believe they can see in the ultraviolet range.

* Many cats are lactose intolerant. (So am I. Further proof that I was a cat in a past life.)

*Like people, cats dream.

*The cat family can be divided into cats that purr and cats that roar. Roaring cats—lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars—have a flexible hyoid bone.

*A cat has more than 60 million scent receptors.

*The average house cat can leap five times its height or higher and run at speeds of 30 mph for short periods. (Given how slow I run this is probably proof that I wasn’t a cat in a past life.)

*It is believed that many Vikings favoured orange cats and they are still more common in areas where Vikings traded.

*The first domesticated cats were striped tabbies.

* Like human fingerprints every cat’s nose print is unique.

Guest post provided by the publisher.

Series: Magical Cats (Book 9)
Publisher: Berkley (September 5, 2017)
Genre: Cozy Mystery
ISBN-10: 0399584579
ISBN-13: 978-0399584572
Buy: Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound, The Book Depository


In this charming mystery from the bestselling author of Paws and Effect, two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…

With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will need to rely on them more than ever when a twenty-year-old scandal leads to murder…

The arrival of the Janes brothers has the little town of Mayville Heights buzzing. Everyone of a certain age remembers when Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife, who then died in a car accident.

Now it seems the brothers are trying to reconcile, until Kathleen finds Leo dead. The police set their sights on Leo’s son and Kathleen’s good friend Simon, who doesn’t have much of an alibi. To prove her friend innocent, Kathleen will have to dig deep into the town’s history—and into her sardine cracker supply, because Owen and Hercules don’t work for free…

Thanks to the publisher I have one (1) copy of A Tale of Two Kitties (Magical Cats) to give away.

Giveaway open to residents of the US only.
Giveaway ends on October 14th

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Winner will have 48 hours from the time of notification to confirm their win or another winner will be chosen.

sofieSofie Kelly is an author and mixed-media artist who lives on the east coast with her husband and daughter. In her spare time she practices Wu style tai chi and likes to prowl around thrift stores.




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Magical Cats Mysteries

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  1. kathleen kendler says:

    Thisis a great series.  Looking forward to this book!

  2. Good luck, everyone!


  3. I'd like to win it

  4. Looks to be a good read

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