Excerpt with Giveaway ~ The Shock by Marc Raabe

Publisher: Manilla (August 24, 2017)
Genre: Psychological Thriller
ISBN-10: 178658025X
ISBN-13: 978-1786580252
Buy: Amazon, Kindle, The Book Depository



When Laura Bjely goes missing during a storm on the Cote d'Azur, the only thing her friend Jan finds is her smartphone – with a disturbing film in the memory.

Back in Berlin, Jan's neighbour is discovered with a bloody message left on her forehead.

As Jan searches for answers about what happened to Laura, he is thrown into a nightmare of madness and murder.

An exhilarating and merciless psychological thriller from the author of The Cut.

Thanks to the publisher I have one (1) copy of The Shock to give away.

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Giveaway ends on October 22nd

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Marc Raabe owns and runs a television production company. He lives with his family in Cologne. Cut, Marc Raabe's first thriller, sold over 60,000 copies in Germany and was sold into five territories.




Excerpt ~

The moment his mobile rang was the moment that all hell broke loose for Jan Floss.

            Seventeen minutes earlier he’d been standing absent-mindedly in front of the panoramic window, staring through his own reflection out into the darkness. Four hundred metres beneath him, the sea was churning. The bright blue of the Côte d’Azur had morphed into black lead, and the sky seemed to be flowing directly into the sea.

            It had been bucketing down for three days already, and a dank chill atypical of this part of the coast was creeping into his limbs. Bloody heating. Bloody house. How many years had it been since his father was last here? Not since his mother had moved out, and that was when Jan had just turned ten. Twenty-four years, then. No wonder nothing worked in this house any more. What a crazy idea to come here, of all places. Too little heating, too many memories.

            For three days the four of them had been living on top of each other in a 120-square-metre holiday home barely of which only a quarter was halfway habitable: his parents’ bedroom and the large, open-plan living-and-dining space with the panoramic window. Theo’s old childhood bedroom was still locked, as if his ghost had taken up residence behind the door. Jan didn’t know where the key was. And even if he did, he couldn’t have brought himself to use it.

            Greg, Katy and Laura, unable to stand it any more; they had taken Greg’s Jeep and gone shopping in town – to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, not far from Nice.

            Jan had decided to stay behind. Swapping thirty square metres of house for four square metres of car? No thanks! Certainly not in this rain. In any case, he couldn’t take much more of watching his thirty-seven-year-old sister Katy gaze adoringly at Greg, as if she didn’t have a husband or twins back home. Jan didn’t care for supermarket shopping anyway. Endless shelving, gaudy products and ceaseless, babbling ads. For years he’d researched that kind of bollocks and its effect on customers. The psychology of instant soup had been his life for far too long.

            When Greg and Katy had announced they wanted to go to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Jan had hoped that Laura would stay. The memory of last night was still quickening his heartbeat. But Laura was evidently suffering from cabin fever too, because she’d stepped into her wellies and left the house with Greg and Katy.

            Jan stared through the windowpane. His reflection stood out clearly on the glass, the exhausted face of a thirty-four-year-old loner. His brown eyes were black dots; his dark hair stuck out wildly from his head like the thoughts whirling around in his brain. And then there was the port-wine stain, which spread like a reddish island from his left temple down his cheek to the corner of his mouth. After what happened to Theo it had always seemed to him as though somebody up there had decided to mark him from birth. Look, this boy brings misfortune. Be careful. Avoid him.

            When the phone rang, Jan simply reached out, blindly pressed the green button and lifted the device to his ear. Her voice was already fizzing.





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