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I’ve always loved mysteries. I grew up reading them. My dad was a big mystery buff so those were the books that were always around the house. He had a preference for books by British women. He liked the intricate puzzles of the mysteries, the dry wit of the British, and the way women (in his opinion) set scenes in a way that made him feel he was in the book with the characters. He wasn’t wrong. Mysteries are fun to read and they’re often witty and delightful. They’ve entertained me for years.

Then I started writing them.

It’s one thing to read about all those fun puzzles, about how something ordinary in the world could actually be a clue to something else, about how everyday situations can suddenly become dangerous. When I started making up the puzzles, the clues, and the treacherous situations, I began to look at my world through an entirely different lens.

In all fairness, I’m kind of an anxious person. That came with the territory in my household as well. I’ve always eyed the world with a bit of trepidation. Now, though, now everything holds the possibility of being deadly and my mind is always twisting things to see how they’d work in a mystery.

Let me give you an example. I took a Lyft downtown the other day. The driver was chatting as drivers do. He was talking about his new car and how his headlights automatically shut off when he turns off the car. He asked, “Who wouldn’t want that? Why would you want the lights to stay on?”

Without thinking about how it would sound, I said, “If you were out in the woods digging a shallow grave, you’d want the headlights to stay on so you could see what you were doing.”

There was a very tense silence after that until I explained that I was an author.

Here’s another example. Some friends and I were at a bar we hadn’t been to before. We wandered into the back room. It was soundproofed. Apparently they occasionally have live music and they don’t want it to bother the nearby businesses and homes too much. I turned to my friend and said, “You could kill someone in here and no one would hear them scream.”

She laughed, but a woman standing nearby took a pretty big step away from me.

It’s possible that this way of thinking was lying there dormant in my brain and writing mysteries has simply brought it to the forefront. It’s also possible that my brain is rewiring itself. Either way, it’s actually an interesting way to view the world. I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Guest post provided by the publisher.

Series: A Popcorn Shop Mystery (Book 3)
Publisher: Berkley (November 7, 2017)
Genre: Cozy Mystery
ISBN-10: 0425280934
ISBN-13: 978-0425280935
ASIN: B06W549M59
Buy: Amazon, Kindle, IndieBound, The Book Depository


With her poodle, Sprocket, popcorn entrepreneur Rebecca Anderson must bag a killer in the latest Popcorn Shop Mystery from the author of Pop Goes the Murder.

Repairs are under way at Rebecca Anderson’s gourmet popcorn shop. With production of her tasty treats on hold, Rebecca has plenty of time to read the old diary she discovered hidden in the shop’s walls. It’s a fun peek into her town’s history…until the diary’s abrupt ending leaves Rebecca wondering whether she’s actually stumbled upon a cold case.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, mysteries are popping up right and left. When local busybody Lloyd McLaughlin is found dead, the police suspect he was poisoned by Rebecca’s popcorn. But Rebecca has only made one batch of popcorn recently, and it wasn’t intended for Lloyd. Nothing about Lloyd’s death makes sense—until Rebecca discovers a startling connection between the missing diary-writer and the murdered man.

Now, with her reputation on the line, Rebecca must discover who’s been cooking up murder—both in the past and in the present.

Thanks to the publisher I have one (1) copy of Assault and Buttery to give away.

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kristiKernel of Truth is Kristi's first book with Berkley Prime Crime. She has been obsessed with popcorn since first tasting the caramel cashew popcorn at Garrett's in Chicago. If you've never had it, you might want to hop on a plane and go now. Seriously, it's that good.

Kristi lives in northern California, although she was born in Ohio like the heroine of Kernel of Truth. She loves snack food, crocheting, her kids, and her man, not necessarily in that order.

Kristi also writes as both Eileen Rendahl and Eileen Carr.

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Popcorn Shop Mysteries

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  1. Penney Wilfort says:

    Love the review thank you, this sounds very good, and a new Author for me, thanks


  2. This sounds like a great series!  

  3. kathleen kendler says:

    Sounds like a great series.

  4. Kristin A. says:

    Love it! I have been enjoying this series and will be curious to see if shallow graves dug by the light of headlights or a murder committed in a soundproof room come up at some  point! Maybe it’ll be the same poor soul! Eek! 

  5. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I think that is funny how people don't get her re-wired thought processes and either go silent or step-away.  Good thing she let's them in on the fact that she writes books.

  6. Sounds really interesting. I want to read it.

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