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Truth and Fiction—in Fiction

Get a group of readers together and eventually someone will complain about an unrealistic scene in a novel she just read. “I can’t believe the hero pulled a loaded pistol from the shavings in a hamster cage,” she might say. “What was the author thinking? No one would do that.”

Authors do the same thing, only we shake our heads at real life. “No reader would believe it if I put this in a book,” we say about the news report of a truck of barbecue sauce colliding with a truck of chicken meat and starting a fire, resulting in the state highway’s biggest barbecue in decades.

That said, they call novels “fiction” for a reason. In my Kite Shop mystery series, Emmy Adler encounters two dead bodies in a little over two months. This is in Rock Point, a town that makes Cabot Cove look like a metropolis. It’s hardly realistic. Any town with a per capita murder rate this high would be swarmed by FBI agents ASAP.

Compounding matters, I’ve given Emmy’s sister a college major in fermentation, and her parents take part in a Watergate reenactment club, both of which I completely invented. Heck, every character in the series comes from my imagination, from the half-Clatsop-Indian sheriff to the gossipy postmistress who should have been a CIA operative. The TV safari-dating reality show Bag That Babe in Live and Let Fly? Made up. The reporter from the tabloid rag The National Bloodhound that dogs Emmy’s steps? Same.

I hope these fictions hang together to create a world that feels real to readers. The fact is that within these inventions are nuggets of truth. Emmy’s mom’s love for her daughter replicates my love for the people dear to me. The postmistress’s nosiness reflects a bit of my own curiosity about people. (Although, I’ve never encountered a real murder victim. That part is all imagination—really.)

Now that winter has set in, I’m looking forward to spending my evenings with novels just real enough to draw me in and connect me to the characters, yet unrealistic enough to keep me turning the pages for another thrill. I hope Live and Let Fly does the same for you.

Guest post provided by the publisher.

Series: A Kite Shop Mystery (Book 2)
Publisher: Berkley (December 5, 2017)
Genre: Cozy Mystery
ISBN-10: 0425283550
ISBN-13: 978-0425283554
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Kite shop owner Emmy Adler becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation that could send her dreams crashing to the ground…

With summer drawing to a close in Rock Point, Oregon, Emmy Adler hopes to beat the seasonal drop in business by winning the annual kite festival. What better way to garner publicity for the handmade kites sold in her shop, Strings Attached? In the days leading up to the festival, Emmy’s ambitions are soaring. Even an argument with reality TV star and contest judge Jasmine Normand can't bring her down. But when Jasmine is found dead the morning after their altercation, Emmy’s no longer flying high.

When the police open an investigation into Jasmine’s death and deem it a murder, Emmy falls under suspicion. With a national tabloid reporter convinced that she is guilty and business at her shop at a standstill, Emmy has to trade kite making for crime solving—or find all of her ambitions blown off course.

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Angela has a secret identity: Clover Tate, writer of cozy mysteries featuring Emmy Adler, a kite shop owner in the fictional beach town of Rock Point, Oregon

Storytelling is a way to appreciate life.

I’m privileged to have interviewed scores of fascinating people, from a shrimp fisherman pioneering sustainable fishing to tribal officials struggling for federal recognition, and from an entrepreneur selling mass tarot card readings on the internet to a forty-foot tall talking statue of Paul Bunyan. Along the way I learned that everyone has a story if you’re willing to listen.

I give the best part of my day—that calm few hours early in the morning when the birds are waking up and my subconscious is fresh from a night with the Sandman—to writing fiction. Specifically, I write crime fiction geared to women who like down-to-earth glamour shaken with intelligence, wit, and not a lot of gore.

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  1. Della Williamson says:

    Thanks for the intro to another new [to me] writer/series. So exciting. I don't tell you often enough Lori how much I appreciate your posts. But I really do. My TBR has grown quite a bit. My book dealer thanks you. My family wishes I didn't know you. My pile of books are getting piles of books. I keep saying I will weed them out. But. Just haven't done it yet. They are like children to me. And I hate to let them go

  2. Thank you for letting me ramble a bit on your blog! I really appreciate it–and all you've done for other cozy authors. 

  3. I've thought the same thing about the soaring murder rate in some of my favorite fictious towns! It's no wonder all our favorite protangists aren't in heavy-duty counseling! That said, I do really appreciate when authors write the protangist as feeling…well, anything at the sight of (another) body. Some of our protangists seem to grow jaded at the sight of (another) body real quick. I was trying to figure out why this series didn't sound familiar at all even though Live and Let Fly is the second title…then it hit me…ah, I was having baby #4 right when Blown Away was released. The Oregon Coast holds a special place in my heart, so I will definitely be checking this series out. 

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