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"Lori's Reading Corner is one of the warmest, clearest, loveliest book blogs I've been to. Lori constantly has new comprehensive book reviews, author interviews, contests, and more. She runs a site that not only caters to all kinds of book fanatics, but also welcomes authors in a way that not every review blog does. Lori is a powerhouse in the book blog world!"  Flat-Out Love author, Jessica Park 

"Lori's Reading Corner is the place to go if you want concise, well-thought out reviews of books that you may have heard of, and those you haven't.  She has influenced the careers of many the mid-list author with her support of their books, putting them on the map."  Author of the Murder 101 series, Maggie Barbieri

"The spark that animates Lori's Reading Corner is Lori's infectious love of books. Visitors to her site discover an online friend who is at once thoroughly professional and warmly personal, someone who reaches out and says, "You just have to read this book!"
Author of the Dog Lover's Mysteries, Susan Conant  

In this world where "discoverability" is the new watchword – Lori provides it all. Readers  meet new authors, authors meet new readers, and everyone goes home happy. It all happens under the watchful, welcoming and experienced eye of Lori – she makes the magic that brings them together."award-wining author of The Other Woman, Hank Phillippi Ryan 

"Generous, savvy, and welcoming, Lori is a true professional. Her obvious love of books is why Lori's Reading Corner is one of the very best sites on the web. I'm a big fan!" Author of the Lucy Valentine series, Heather Webber

If you want an insightful, warm, guide, through the world of books, add Lori's Reading Corner to your favorites. Like a trusted friend, she'll enrich your reading by introducing you to authors you may have missed and offering you her heartfelt take on their stories."  International best-selling author Rick Mofina 

"As an author, I am invited to blog on different book blogs fairly often. What's the most important thing I look for? Fun. I know, sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth.  I like fun. Readers like fun. We like to have "literary fun," so to speak on book blog websites.  Readers are thoughtful, intelligent, worldly thinking sorts of creatures and they want something to tease and accelerate the speed of their brain synapses.

Lori's Reading Corner book blog does the teasing and accelerating, and it's a zippy ride on literary fun.

What are other requirements for a cool book blog, in my opinion? It's colorful, catchy, and easy to navigate. There's a ton of interaction between author and reader. The interviews with the authors are honest, open, and give the reader insight into the way the writer thinks, creates, and deals with the challenges of life and being a writer. I like giveaways, contests, reviews that analyze but don't give away everything in the plot, and opportunities for readers to comment and talk to each other.

Lori's blog does all that, too.
I have been featured on Lori's Reading Corner several times. I have a count on the books I'm selling each week and the hits on my website. Every time my interviews are on her website, every time my books are featured, my sales and hits go up.

Now that's a heckuva blog.
And it's darn fun. "

Cathy Lamb, best-selling author






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